Business & EconomyByakuya: World’s most expensive ice cream costs $$6,380

Byakuya: World’s most expensive ice cream costs $$6,380

A frozen dessert, called Byakuya is currently priced at 880,000 yen ($6,380) for a serving, officially making it the world’s costliest sherbet, according to Guinness World Records.

Sourced entirely from Alba – home to what many consider the best white truffles in Italy – that ingredient alone could cost as much as two million yen ($14,500) per kilogram.

The ice cream is garnished with an edible gold leaf, two varieties of cheese, and “Sakekasu,” a paste-like substance obtained from the production of sake.

According to a spokesperson from the company, the development process lasted more than 1.5 years, involving numerous attempts and mistakes to achieve the desired flavor.

The company stated that its objective extends beyond creating exquisitely expensive desserts; it aims to craft a gastronomic journey that combines European ingredients with traditional Japanese cuisine.

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To accomplish this, the company enlisted the expertise of Tadayoshi Yamad — the executive chef at RiVi, a renowned restaurant in Osaka recognized for its fusion of French and Japanese culinary styles — to lead the endeavor.

Cellato’s website states that the dessert can be bought in Japan and is delivered directly to customers.

When it comes to savoring this delicacy, there is a strong emphasis on precision, as Cellato outlines meticulous guidelines on how it should be enjoyed upon arrival.

Customers of Byakuya receive specific instructions on how to enhance their experience with the dessert. As the ice cream begins to soften, they are encouraged to delicately pour in the white truffle, ensuring it reaches the desired consistency.

To facilitate this process, a meticulously crafted metal spoon is provided. If the ice cream’s texture proves too firm, patrons are advised to either allow it to defrost naturally at room temperature or to briefly microwave it at 500 watts for a duration of 10 to 20 seconds.

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Furthermore, Cellato suggests pairing the tasting with either sake or French white wine, for optimal enjoyment.

While Cellato already offers a truffle-infused dessert, they have expressed their intention to expand their astonishingly expensive product line in the future, including additions such as Champagne and caviar.

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