“I’m tired of hiding.” This is what Jane Doe 1 of the Weinstein rape trial declared. The first thing she did to prove that she’s exhausted of being in the shadows is to reveal her identity, her name — Evgeniya Chernyshova.

 Chernyshova and the trial

Weinstein’s LA trial had varied outcomes for his sufferers. Of the four women he was charged with raping and assaulting in L.A., Chernyshova’s case was the only one that led to a conviction.

She was also the first of 44 witnesses the prosecution summoned to appear in the trial, and she is the only person the court permitted to deliver a statement at Weinstein’s sentencing on Feb. 23.

The judge sentenced Weinstein to 16 years for forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, and penetration by a foreign object. He will serve that time on top of the 23-year sentence he is currently serving in New York, an outcome which virtually guarantees the 70-year-old former film tycoon will die in prison. However, Weinstein has repudiated all claims.

When asked what prevented her from coming out sooner and connecting with other victims, she admitted that she was ashamed and humiliated.

“I thought it was a good decision to protect my kids. But it was a horrible decision for myself because I’ve been cut off from everyone. It isn’t right to go through this hell alone.”

Who is Evgeniya Chernyshova?

Born in Siberia, Chernyshova began modeling at age 15. As a child, she dreamed of becoming an obstetrician, but after winning a local beauty contest, Chernyshova got a modeling contract and quickly began walking runways around the world, eventually settling in Italy, marrying and picking up some small roles as an actress. “I was full of energy and excited about my life,” she says.

Then the Weinstein misfortune reshaped her life.

Today, Chernyshova runs a floral design business in Beverly Hills called Bottega Bouquet. She admitted that she has told only very few people about the rape.

“Part of me, I’m fearing for my future,” speaking publicly now. “But I’m proud of myself. If I continue to hide, I cannot do anything. I will just be there with my pain.”

But the pain is out. So does the real brave woman that she is.

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