LawChicago crime: Babysitter kills 4-month-old baby

Chicago crime: Babysitter kills 4-month-old baby

Norma Chagnama, 29, is not just an ordinary babysitter she made the headlines in the Chicago crime scene as she also purportedly kills the baby she babysits.

She was charged with killing Zury Cruz Sumba after the medical examiner’s office determined the infant died from child abuse and ruled her death a homicide.

Her husband told the baby’s parents to “trust the word of God” and gave them $2,000 for funeral expenses, according to Cook County prosecutors.

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Chagnama told police she was babysitting the girl Thursday when the infant vomited, and she picked her up without supporting the baby’s head and swung her onto her shoulder, then onto a bed.

Chagnama called the baby’s mother when the girl had trouble breathing, and the mother arrived soon after, prosecutors said. The baby was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she was taken off life support the next day.

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The baby was found to have substantial bleeding and swelling of her brain, as well as significant spinal cord injuries, prosecutors said.

On the night after the girl died, prosecutors said Chagnam’s husband reached out to the baby’s father, then he and his wife went to the family’s apartment. During the visit, Chagnama allegedly indicated she was sorry for what happened, and her husband gave the family money.

Prosecutors said the baby’s mother and father had been charged with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment last month after they left the girl in a car while they went inside a restaurant.

The girl was removed from their custody for a time, but returned about two weeks before her death, prosecutors said on this horrible Chicago crime.

While Chagnama has no criminal background, she was not a licensed daycare provider, prosecutors said.

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She was denied bail during a hearing Monday and was expected back in court next week, according to court records.

But a question hovers – was she just a careless babysitter? Or she really had intention of hurting and killing the baby entrusted to her?

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