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George Clooney recently reflected on Matthew Perry’s struggle with happiness despite achieving success with the role of Chandler Bing in “Friends.” Clooney recalled Perry’s aspirations to land a sitcom role and how, despite achieving that dream, Perry still faced personal battles due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

While working on “ER” and observing Perry on the set of “Friends,” Clooney mentioned that Perry didn’t seem content despite being part of one of the most successful shows in the ’90s. Clooney expressed his surprise at not knowing the extent of Perry’s struggles, such as his dependence on substances like Vicodin, detailed in Perry’s memoir.

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Perry was talented and funny

Clooney emphasized that Perry’s story highlighted the fact that fame, money, and success don’t automatically ensure happiness. He reminisced about knowing Perry since he was a teenager, describing him as a talented and funny individual.

Perry’s tragic passing at 54 due to a lethal mix of ketamine and buprenorphine, along with his struggles with various substances and attempts to overcome addiction, shed light on his challenging journey. Despite Perry’s efforts to achieve sobriety, his battle persisted, including recent attempts to quit smoking and improve his health.

Aniston believed he was on a positive path

Jennifer Aniston, a close friend of Perry’s, countered assumptions of a relapse, insisting that Perry was on a positive path and appeared happy and healthy in their recent interactions.

Perry’s story serves as a poignant reminder that inner contentment and peace are crucial beyond external success. His struggles with addiction, despite achieving professional success, showcase the complexity of finding happiness within oneself.

In his memory, those who knew him recall his determination to overcome his challenges and pursue a healthier, happier life before his untimely passing.

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