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Malaysia: Court cases first, elections later

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Kuala Lampur, Sept. 21 — I understand why so many Malaysians like declaring that they’re “not political” because our politicians are so infuriating.

Take, for instance, the Umno leaders already pushing for an election to be held as soon as humanly possible.

One particular leader would have the election tomorrow if he could.

Why yes, I would be on board with an election being held… as soon as all those court cases involving current politicians are sorted.

No delays, no absences, no “my new dog bit me” excuses.

If a politician is too afraid to be tried in court and claims that a fair trial would be impossible, why should anyone be tried then?

The disrespect of the process of law and our courts has been appalling of late.

We have PAS politicians saying that we should instead just switch over to the “fairer” shariah courts completely instead of the “Western” legal system.

We went after someone for supposedly insulting our parallel Islamic legal system so why is no one dragging the PAS politicians for their aspersions on our courts?

Not that I am encouraging it.

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Injured feelings or bruised sensitivities are not jailworthy offences no matter what some people say.

Right now there are more pressing concerns. The continued downtrend of the ringgit. Insidious job scams that are even luring 14-year-olds to Myanmar. Monsoon season that will definitely see floods and our continued ill-preparedness for such disasters.

No election is worth endangering the lives of Malaysians all because some politicians are allergic to being put on trial.

Promising that political parties will marshall volunteers to provide aid are just that – promises. Aren’t promises, many unkept, the heart of most election manifestos.

I want to see a blueprint. An action plan. Concrete steps taken to ensure Malaysians will be kept safe when floods, fires and other emergencies occur.

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Never forget that while many were shivering in the dark and cold, while the waters rose around them, politicians were cutting cake and giving speeches at hotels.

Remember those who were left stranded waiting for boats and aid but forced to watch as VIPs were ferried around in front of them in life jackets.

The people, not politics, must come first and it is on us not just to remember but to bear witness and not just wait for ballot boxes.

You want an election, YBs? Keep your court dates and keep Malaysians safe first.

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.

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