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Johnny Depp postpones tour due to ankle injury

Actor-singer Johnny Depp postponed a series of performances after suffering an ankle injury. Depp, 59 took to Instagram to share the news of his injury and to confirm rescheduled dates for the Hollywood Vampires’ tour of the US.

Depp wrote on Instagram apologising saying that he has fractured his ankle which is a drag. He added that it started as a hairline break but somewhere between Cannes and the Royal Albert Hall, it worsen instead of improving.

Photo: Instagram/Johnny Depp

Unable to travel

Several doctors have strongly suggested that Depp avoid any and all activity for the moment and he is sadly unable to travel at this time.

Depp said that he and the band are very sorry to miss people in New Hampshire, Boston and New York but he promised to bring an amazing show to those in Europe and bring their absolute best to the East Coast later this summer and make it up to those who have paid for those shows.

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He signed off the post with apologies and with “all my love and respect” and his initials.

Tour dates rescheduled

The Instagram account for Hollywood Vampires also apologised for rescheduling their three US tour dates this coming week. They said that Depp had sustained a painful ankle injury following his recent appearances and the doctor has advised not to travel.

Comments left on the Instagram post included: “Get rest. You need it. Feel better soon,” and: “It’s okay, nothing to be sorry for! We all want you guys to be as healthy and comfortable as can be, hope he will feel better soon.”

Supportive fans

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A third wrote: “Oh that’s really sad, but understandable. Get well soon Johnny and I send you some strength.”

Formed in 2012, Hollywood Vampires comprises Johnny Depp Alice Cooper, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksen. Depp plays slide, rhythm and lead guitar and keyboards, as well as providing backing and lead vocals.

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