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In a series of bold moves that include videos addressing border concerns, and a press conference advocating for constitutional amendments, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to maintain a prominent role on the national stage after his exit from the race. Is he still eyeing the White House?

Analysts speculate that DeSantis may be eyeing a potential void in the upcoming presidential election. With Donald Trump facing legal challenges and 91 felony charges, DeSantis could be positioning himself as a contingency candidate or preparing for a run in 2028.

Gregory Koger, a political science professor at the University of Miami, suggests that DeSantis might be running a “shadow campaign” to preserve his eligibility for a presidential run. The current political landscape, marked by uncertainty surrounding Trump’s candidacy and legal battles, creates a unique opportunity for DeSantis to stay relevant and strategically position himself for future opportunities.

Still eyeing the White House?

DeSantis has a history of running a shadow presidential campaign, evident in his pre-announcement activities before formally entering the race last year. By continuing to engage in hot-button federal debates, leveraging his authority, and maintaining a strong social media presence, DeSantis keeps his name in the public eye and the minds of Republican voters.

The possibility of DeSantis appearing on the 2024 ballot might seem unlikely, but the unpredictability of Trump’s legal challenges has turned this election season into one of the most volatile in recent memory. Trump’s constitutional challenges and potential health issues create an uncertain landscape, prompting political observers to consider alternative candidates.

While DeSantis’ focus on national issues might seem unusual given Florida’s challenges, his deliberate strategy of staying in the spotlight suggests a calculated effort to build and preserve his political brand. By dropping out of the race but maintaining a national presence, DeSantis aims to rebuild his image and be ready to seize opportunities that may arise in the unpredictable world of presidential politics.

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