Belly fat is the bane that prevents most people from losing weight. According to nutritionists it is very often what you eat and not how much of it that leads to belly fat.

Registered dietitians Kelli Shallal and Many Unanski Enright say that people who want to lose weight should eat a wide variety of nutrient rich foods and priorities protein and fiber at each meal.

“This dynamic duo will make you feel fuller and more satisfied at meals, so you’re less likely to overeat at mealtime. And both fiber and protein take longer to digest, so you’re less likely to ear more between meals or experience frequent snacking,” said Enright.

One good way is to go green. The following are some great greens to incorporate into your diet.

Here’s How To Eliminate Belly Fat

  1. Leafy greens

Whether it’s kale, spinach, collard greens or romaine, putting them in your diet can help you out with your weight loss goals.

“They can be sautéed, eaten as a salad, or used as a wrap in place of bread. This helps to increase the bulk of our meals and decrease calories helping support weight loss,” said Shallal.

  1. Avocado

“I 100 percent believe that avocados are [one of] the healthiest food that you can consume and that almost everyone should have half an avocado per day,” added Shallal.

Research shows that there is a shift in abdominal obesity in women who consumed one fresh avocado every day.

  1. Broccoli

Non starchy vegetables are one of the best ways to lose weight. “This increases nutrient and fiber intake and lowers calories without you even thinking about it,” said Shallal.

Broccoli can be roasted with your favourite herbs or simply enjoyed as a side dish with soup.

  1. Brussel sprouts

These can be cooked in a variety of ways including popping them into an air fryer or roasting them with wild brown rice.

  1. Celery

One cup of chopped celery only has 14 calories and is a great source of fiber. Enright encourages eating it with nut butter, hummus or bean dip.

  1. Kiwi

Fruits support digestive health, immunity and metabolic health. “Something that makes kiwi unique is the seeds that you consume when you eat a whole kiwi. Those seeds found in kiwi contain an enzyme called actinidin which helps with protein digestion.” Both the actinindin from the seeds and the fiber found in kiwi flesh and seeds have been known to prevent belly bloat.

More Examples

7. Grapes

For those who have sweet cravings, a fistful of grapes may do just the trick. Half a cup of grapes is only 80 calories and grapes also have a low glycemic index.

  1. Edamame

Half a cup serving of edamame has 11 grams of protein, five grams of fiber and just 109 calories.

  1. Cilantro, basil and other green herbs

Herbs are high in antioxidants which help lower inflammation which supports weight loss. Herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, cilantro, chives and basil are all good options to add to your meals.

Lastly green does combat belly fat but it is important to have a wide spectrum of different types of food in your diet.

“Green is a beautiful color and is found in a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. But [it’s important] to consume a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. All those colors are different antioxidants that provide a multitude of health benefit beyond just weight management. And I always must remind people that white is a color too when it comes to plants,” said Enright.

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