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Elliot Page wanted to die when having to wear feminine clothes

In his recently published memoir titled “Pageboy,” Elliot Page, the Canadian actor who publicly came out as transgender in 2020, shared that he once turned down a significant movie role in order to prioritise his mental health. Page revealed that the prospect of wearing feminine clothing on the movie set made him contemplate suicide.

He described imagining himself in a woman’s costume from the mid-nineteenth century, including the dress, shoes, and hair. The thought of assuming this feminine role became overwhelming for Page, especially after having to conform to societal expectations during awards season. He recognised that if he were to take on the role, it would have a severe impact on his well-being.

Photo: Instagram/Elliot Page

Made him want to ‘kill’ himself

Although the specific movie was not mentioned, it was based on a well-known book, and Page was offered a sought-after character. However, as he had not yet transitioned and felt suffocated in his personal life, the idea of taking on such a feminine role proved to be too much for him.

Page expressed how difficult it was to explain to his representatives that he couldn’t accept the role due to the clothing involved. The concept of wardrobe fittings for films caused immense internal distress for him, feeling as though talons were tearing at his organs.

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In 2008, Variety reported that Page was initially considered for the adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre,” but the role eventually went to Mia Wasikowska.

Being true to himself 

Elliot Page, who now identifies as a transgender man, non-binary, and queer, shared his discomfort with wearing feminine dresses by expressing how he felt when people reacted to seeing him in such clothing.

He described cringing at the way people would light up and react as if he had achieved something extraordinary by donning feminine attire. This reaction emphasized the dissonance between his true identity and the expectations imposed on him by society.

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