Elon Musk thanked advertisers for returning to Twitter after big-name companies like Apple and Amazon reportedly said they would resume advertising with the social media site.

“Just a note to thank advertisers for returning to Twitter”

The tweet was in the wake of a report from Platformer that Amazon would return to advertise in the near future with a budget of $100 million annually. Amazon was one of the companies that pulled out in late October after Musk bought Twitter.

In addition, Musk also announced during Twitter Spaces that Apple, (which was the platform’s biggest advertiser) had fully resumed advertising on the social network.

This was just after fearful news for Twitter last week that Apple would not only stop advertising but would also withdraw the platform from its App Store.

However, neither Apple nor Amazon have made any statement on the above. Musk has also apparently met up with Apple CEO Tim Cook and he claims that both parties have resolved the misunderstanding over Twitter being removed from the App Store.

“Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so [removing Twitter from App Store],” said Musk.

Musk has lost a significant number of big name advertisers since taking over the platform.

According to a Reuters report, Twitter sent an email on December 1 to advertising agencies offering advertisers incentives to increase their spending on the platform, in an effort to jump-start its business after Musk’s takeover prompted many companies to pull back.

Twitter billed the offer as the “biggest advertiser incentive ever on Twitter.” The email said that American advertisers who book $500,000 in incremental spending will qualify to have their spending matched with a 100% value add, up to a $1 million cap.

Many companies such as Pfizer, General Mills Inc and Audi of America have stopped advertising on Twitter since Musk acquired it and the platform continues to see its revenue dropping.

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