Business & EconomyThe world’s most expensive house goes on sale

The world’s most expensive house goes on sale

The world’s most expensive house has been put on the market for sale at a cool $296 million. The house is called The Holme and is a mansion that is located in London’s Regents Park.

The Holme was built in the 19th century by English architect James Burton and designed by his son Decimus Burton. It is now 205 years old. The home spans over four acres of land and has 40 bedrooms within 8,840 square meters of living space and eight garages. It also has a tennis court, library, sauna and dining room.

The Expensive House

One source told the The Evening Standard in a report about the most expensive house, “It’s the British White House. It’s very special because it has the lake around it, the endless lawns, and this wonderful façade that looks like the White House. It’s the most incredible property.”

The house is currently owned by Prince Abdullah bin Khalid bin Sultan al-Saud who is a member of the Saudi royal family. The Saudi royal family have owned the home since 1998.

The deterrent price tag would mean that there are only a small number of potential buyers for the lavish estate. The upkeep itself would require a crew of staff, for cleaning, maintenance and landscape gardening the expensive house.

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Overseas buyers would have to pay more than £42 million in stamp duty alone. The Evening Standard reported that property tycoon Nick Candy and his wife pop star Holly Valance did view the mansion last month. Candy’s net worth is £850 million. He also sold his penthouse at One Hyde Park for £175 million.

The agents for the home, Beauchamp Estates speculate that the Holme will likeoh attract an international buyer as there has been a recent drop in the value of the pound. The agency reported that London’s premier housing market for millionaire and billionaire buyers had risen by 30% in 2022, driven by American, European, Indian and Middle Eastern buyers.

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NOTE: The House photo by Sheila Madhvani / The Holme, Regent’s Park Wikipedia

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