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Fat shaming culture rears its ugly head, Bridget Fonda seen as unrecognizable by the Daily Mail

Fat shaming culture has reared its ugly head again. This time it’s the Daily Mail going after Bridget Fonda’s weight gain, 90’s star who now at 58 isn’t cutting the svelte figure she once was. Fonda has put on quite a bit of weight which the Daily Mail didn’t waste any time pointing out citing her as unrecognizable at 58.

The nineties star is best known for her role in Quentin Tarantino cult film Jackie Brown as well as Single White Female, Point of No Return and Lake Placid.

The glaring headline in the newspaper reads “Nineties pin-up Bridget Fonda unrecognizable as shy star is seen in public for the first time in 12 years after quitting acting career”.

Adding fuel to fire the article then has current pictures of her juxtaposed with images of her in her 20’s pointing her out as unrecognizable and highlighting Bridget Fonda’s weight gain

The inference of the whole article is clear, it’s all about fat-shaming and pointing out how she has let herself go over the years. To make matters worse she is referred to as a pin up rather than a respected actress and that somehow an aging woman is always looked at with disdain.

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It begs the question that why despite all we have been through post pandemic, do we still feel the need to shame women for aging in a certain way and shaming them for their bodies.

The word unrecognizable appears to have become a euphemism for celebrities who haven’t aged well or have gained weight. It’s high time that popular media move away from this nastiness and stop sensationalizing what is the normal passage of life. All of us are aging, skin will sag, collagen will decrease, it’s nothing to shout about from the rooftops with glee.

It’s time we embraced the fact that it happens to everyone even famous people and think of new ways of making headlines in the news.

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