Tuesday, September 27, 2022
EntertainmentCelebrityBritain breaks down as the Queen's coffin passes by her favourite pets

Britain breaks down as the Queen’s coffin passes by her favourite pets

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An incredible number of people tuned in to their YouTube channels or television sets to watch the final moments of Queen Elizabeth the second’s burial and it is the view of the Queen’s pets that made people cry the most.

Thousands of people lined the streets of London to watch the procession of the Queen’s coffin from one location to another during the burial ceremony.

According to comments on social media and interviews with local TV stations in London, the people came to express their love and respect for the Queen and to tell the Royal Family how much they will miss her.

While it was not all tears and screams, a mature Royal Family and supporters stood silently as the coffin was carried inside the church for burial.

However, King Charles, the Third couldn’t keep his emotions in check, as evidenced by his expressions. He is different from the Queen who never seemed emotional at public events.

It is rare, if not unique, for a son to have lived alongside his mother for decades – 73 years to be exact – and to be the one to bury her in a grand royal ceremony.

Then there is Prince George whom a body language expert said, appeared “heartbreakingly sad.”

But what took Britain’s breath yesterday was the scene of the two little pets, the favourites of the Queen and a horse, attending the ceremony.

Three important members of Queen Elizabeth II’s life watched with sadness as her coffin was carried from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle on Monday morning, says a commentary.

As the funeral procession began, Muick and Sandy, two of the Queen’s corgis, sat outside Westminster Abbey.

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The two corgis appeared sad to the public, with their eyes wide and heads down.

“Then as the Queen’s coffin rode by, Emma, the Queen’s fell pony, stood off to the side, watching as she caught a glimpse of her owner for the last time,” wrote a British newspaper.

People were moved to tears after seeing images and videos of the Queen’s pets watching her coffin. Some were wiping the tears from their eyes while the coffin passes them.

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