Singapore has set obvious goals for achieving its green targets. This includes its goal of transitioning away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to more clean-energy vehicles. Some of the more high-level targets set by the Ministry of Transport are:

  • No new diesel car and taxi registrations will be done starting in 2050
  • All vehicles to run on clean energy by the end of 2040
  • Starting in 2030, all newly registered cars and taxis should run on clean energy

For fleet owners, there are some obvious benefits of switching to an all-electric fleet:

3 Benefits of Adopting an EV Fleet

1.   Less Maintainance Costs

Did you know only three types of fluids are used in electric vehicles? Electric vehicles require three fluids: coolant, windscreen washer, and brake. Just that.

Oil changes, transmission fluid flushes, and other engine fluid replacements would not be necessary for your EV fleet. This could save operators a tonne of money, especially since vehicle maintenance is likely one of their most significant operating expenses.

The possibility of a battery pack replacement is a potential drawback of electric vehicles. Nevertheless, battery packs are covered for up to 100,000 miles by electric vehicle warranties. To prolong the vehicle’s useful life beyond that point, owners will either need to replace the battery or buy a new vehicle.

2.   EVs Increase Productivity

The time wasted waiting for the pump is another argument against using it. Taking a vehicle to the gas station takes time away from an operator who could be doing work-related tasks. The cumulative time lost across all of your operators could have serious consequences for your business.

It’s also not possible to pick the most cost-effective fuel option. Your drivers will likely locate the closest gas station to minimise downtime. Their justification is understandable, but you should know that you may be able to find a gas station with prices up to 10% lower elsewhere.

If you were in charge of a fleet of electric vehicles, you could keep their range at a constant by charging them overnight or when drivers weren’t on the clock. If you manage a fleet that operates around the clock, you should use vehicle assignments to optimise driver charging and vehicle rotation.

3.   Enhanced Performance

A drag race between an electric car and a car powered by an internal combustion engine is unnecessary. Instead, owners should focus on the vehicle’s performance metrics that matter most to their fleet.

Electric vehicles have a significant advantage over internal combustion engines for transportation, logistics, and trucking fleets due to their instant torque. When it comes to maximising torque and horsepower, diesel engines have long been the go-to. A fully electric vehicle, however, has advantages that they do not.

Electric vehicles with the highest possible instantaneous torque have a much quicker start-up and accelerate at higher rates. When it comes to hauling passengers or freight, this is a tremendous advantage. Instant torque not only allows larger trucks to accelerate more rapidly, but it also reduces the amount of effort needed to get moving. If power efficiency improves, consumers could see significant savings on charging fees.

Singaporean Fleet Management Companies Adopting EVs

Major fleet management giants in Singapore are adopting EVs to do their part for the green initiative. One such vehicle leasing giant is Pan Pacific Leasing. They have a tremendously extensive network of vehicle and fleet owners. They have decided to offer compelling incentives to these vehicle owners to trade in and shift from using their ICEs to EVs.

These incentives include a trade-in value for their current ICE fleet with six months worth $600 free charging credit available across 230 charging stations across Singapore.

Pan Pacific is committed to bringing this change and introducing more significant and better opportunities for fleet owners to transition smoothly from their traditional vehicles to EVs.

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