Thieves carrying weapons purportedly barged into a Missouri church for a robbery attempt. Their attempt was apparently frustrated when the pastor together with the entire congregation prayed for them.

Marquaello Futrell, a former police officer and currently the pastor of All Creation Northview Holiness Family Church in Ferguson, Missouri, reporting on the robbery attempt said that the alleged would-be thieves were ‘blocked’ and apprehended by the Holy Spirit during the Sunday morning service, as reported by the local KSDK.

How The Robbery Was Stopped

A man carrying two bags entered the church and started asking questions of the children’s services director.

“I immediately just had the hairs [stand] on the back of my neck. I’m like, ‘OK, something’s about to happen,'” Futrell said.

The man in the robbery attempt was followed by four young men in masks.

“Me being a former police officer, I immediately noticed their waistbands. I’m like, ‘There’s something there,'” the pastor said.

Another member of the church later witnessed one of the individuals in the group dropping a firearm. Instead of doing or saying anything that would trigger panic among the worshippers, Futrell continued with the scheduled service. Then promptly notified the police.

Futrell also instructed church staff to ensure the safety of the children in the congregation and to record the faces of the men as potential evidence.

The pastor ultimately approached the men who were sitting at the back and said “Don’t you play with me. I still got a cop anointing and I still know what’s going on, and I still know what’s about to happen. God’s about to change the plot of the enemy. Lift your voices and shout unto God for what he’s about to do.” This was according to a Facebook Livestream of the service.


After they agreed to receive prayer, the congregation prayed for the young men for several minutes.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, brothers,” Futrell told the men after the church had prayed for them. “Thank you all for letting us pray for you. And we’re thankful that for whatever reason, the Lord let you all come here. That when you walked on the ground, you walked on Holy Ghost turf.”

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