EntertainmentCelebritySuperhero Gal Gadot shows off her toned body on IG

Superhero Gal Gadot shows off her toned body on IG

Sexy Gal Gadot, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, always knows the importance of proper exercise. On Instagram, the 37-year-old actress showed how she remains sassily stimulating by sharing photos of herself doing no-nonsense workouts.

One photo had her dangling out in a fluorescent comfy chair wearing sassy, white undies and a tank top. In another photo, she’s bent forward with her strong legs curled over the arm of the chair, and a hint of toned booty peeking out.

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Her trainer Magnus Lygdback told Women’s Health about the intense training the two went through to prepare her for Wonder Woman 1984. For starters, they worked together for one hour, five days a week, for the better part of a year.

In those workouts, Gal concentrated on resistance training and cycled through different muscle groups.

Added to the regimen is HIIT training on a stationary bike and treadmill three times a week, along with core work. Gal is in pre-production for Wonder Woman 3, so she’s likely gearing up for another go at that intense training regimen.

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However, Gal confided to Shape that she’s a little less disciplined when not filming. “I like to do interval training, and I’m super grateful that I can do those workouts in my gym at home,” she said. “I try to get to it every day, but sometimes it’s more like three to four times a week. It’s been a bit challenging to carve out the time with the family at home.”

Gal Gadot owns the company Goodles, which creates noodle dishes that have protein and prebiotics. Gal regularly posts online about how much she loves it.


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As for the rest of her diet, Gal fills up on whole foods, protein, complex carbs, vegetables, and healthy fats, like poached eggs with quinoa, tomato, and avocado for breakfast; grilled tuna and vegetables for lunch; and steak, wild rice, kale, and kimchi for dinner.

She’s also sure to stay very hydrated during the day. Gal wakes up and drinks water “like a camel,” while making sure to stay hydrated as she goes about her business.

A real “wonder woman.”

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