LawGeorge Santos indicted! No more lies?

George Santos indicted! No more lies?

New York Representative George Santos, a Republican politician, has been charged with criminal offenses by federal prosecutors. His frequent and unbelievable lies have shocked even experienced politicians, according to three sources familiar with the case.

The specific details of the charges are currently unknown, but the FBI and Justice Department public integrity prosecutors in New York and Washington have been investigating allegations of false statements in Santos’ campaign finance records and other assertions.

Santos, who won the election last year to serve a district encompassing areas of Long Island and Queens, has been under scrutiny by the House Ethics Committee and various jurisdictions.

Several prominent Democrats, along with a few Republicans from New York, have been urging Santos to step down from his position due to various allegations against him. These accusations range from criminal acts committed during his campaign to minor acts of personal deceit dating back over ten years.

Allegations Against Santos

In the short period that he has served as a congressman, Santos has faced numerous allegations, including but not limited to breaching campaign finance regulations, infringing upon federal conflict of interest laws, misappropriating funds intended for a dying dog belonging to an Iraq War veteran, orchestrating a fraudulent scheme involving credit cards, and providing false information about his education and employment history.

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Although Santos has acknowledged that he provided misleading information regarding his educational background and financial situation, he still denies the more severe accusations leveled against him. Meanwhile, Democrats are striving to move past the shame of not revealing Santos’ transgressions earlier, especially since the upcoming campaign to regain his and other nearby seats in 2024 is expected to be costly.

“Now that Santos has been indicted, it is incumbent on Speaker Kevin McCarthy to eliminate the stain of Santos on this hallowed institution by removing him from Congress immediately,” New York Rep. Daniel Goldman, a former federal prosecutor, and counsel in Trump’s first impeachment, said in a statement.

“We cannot wait any longer.”

Can still serve?

Legally speaking, the charges brought against Santos do not impact his standing as a member of Congress.

As per the official regulations of the United States House of Representatives, as noted in a report by the Congressional Research Service, “a Member under indictment may continue to engage in congressional proceedings and deliberations.”

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Nevertheless, if a member is found guilty of a crime that carries a potential penalty of two or more years of imprisonment, the House rules dictate that they refrain from participating in votes on the House floor or committee ballots.

If he’s still around, most likely, the lies will too!

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