Business & EconomyConservatives questioning “wage gap” as ASIAN WOMEN make MORE than White men 

Conservatives questioning “wage gap” as ASIAN WOMEN make MORE than White men 

The left is constantly talking about White privilege in America. The main focal point of this is the wage gap where White men are making more money than anyone else. However, studies in 2020 show that Asian women are now earning more than White men on average. Conservatives are using this as a strong point to show that minorities are able to strive in America. 

According to RT, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report on weekly earnings in Q3, indicating that Asian women are out-earning white men on average during this period. This report, which gained significant attention on social media, highlights a potential shift in America’s racial narrative. The report reveals that, on average, Asian women in the US earn $1,224 per week, while white men earn $1,122 per week. 

However, since then, the department quietly removed their findings. This is probably due to the backlash that they might have received from the left. 

Twitter users react over the wage gap controversy 

Twitter user The Rabbit Hole states that woke people claim that White people dominate in the wage gap. They add that feminists claim that men are pioneering in said gap. However, the graph shows that Asian women are leading said gap. A response states that Asians tend to exempt themselves from the “minority” status. 

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An influencer claims that White men tend to make YouTube videos, it could be a jab at some who may not be successful with said career. Following that, another person states that White women would prefer to make an Only Fans account. Regardless, these arguments are not solid as these people do not represent the majority. 

There are conservatives joking that the woke community will now state that Asian women have White privilege. There are replies jabbing the whole non-binary movement citing that there is no wage gap as gender isn’t real. 

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Others state that Asians tend to work harder than their peers. In a meritocracy, those who work harder and smarter tend to reap the benefits. Conservatives claim that it is interesting, but they are happy to admit that Asians earn more due to their hardworking nature. This is especially true for those that migrate to America. 

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