Asia Malaysia Going against 'Unboxing by husband' is now a trend on TikTok

Going against ‘Unboxing by husband’ is now a trend on TikTok

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Unboxing by Husband has taken over TikTok in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Men are seen removing their wives’ headscarves in trending videos in January. These videos have been shared on TikTok or Twitter.

However, they received the most attention on TikTok, with Muslims in Malaysia – where the videos originated – criticising the ‘creators’ of the short films.

In some cases, users posted videos attacking Muslim grooms for removing their wives’ headscarves, which are hilarious.

Some users started making videos showing how to remove veils properly, such as cutting the videos off before the women’s hair is revealed.

Some attempted to imitate the trend without depicting the removal of headscarves, but with messages stating that doing so is ‘haram’ or that those who do so are uncivilised.

One video received 1.9 million views.


ni yang trend tu kan?😝 #nikah2021 #pengantin2021 #unboxing #wife #malampertama

♬ beginilah caranya – fuzzy

The video is accompanied by texts on the screen saying, ‘Too bad, it is a red flag for the first night’. Those who have a female companion will understand the red flag joke.

The video also has a text by the user, saying:

ni yang trend tu kan?😝 #nikah2021 #pengantin2021 #unboxing #wife #malampertama

It means ‘this is what’s trending, right?’ in English. And the hashtags say marriage, bride, and the first night.

There are also videos of religious leaders in Malaysia commenting on the ‘Unboxing by Husband’ phenomenon.

The speakers agree that the practise is against Islamic customs and that the husbands are either selling their wives to viewers or will be damned.

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