Business & EconomyEx-Google executive warns: AI robots may replace humans in very intimate settings

Ex-Google executive warns: AI robots may replace humans in very intimate settings

A recent prediction by a former top executive of Google is intriguing — in the near future, AI robots may take the place of people for sex.

Mo Gawdat, the former chief business officer of X, the research and development department of Google, issued a warning that developments in artificial intelligence (AI) could change “love and relationships” and lead to encounters that are simulated as being just as fulfilling as those that occur in real life.

“Just think of all the illusions we’re now unable to decipher, illusions from the truth… Sex happens in the brain, at the end of the day. The physical side of it is not that difficult to simulate,” Gawdat noted.

He expounded on the notion that in the not-too-distant future, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets might be used to recreate sexual experiences, such as Apple’s Vision Pro or Quest 3.

Additionally, he pointed out that the idea was fairly complex because it all came down to brain signals that caused feelings of sexual and social intimacy.

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According to Decrypt, technological advancements like Neuralink, which creates direct neural connections between technology and the neurological system, have the potential to eliminate the need for human partners.

Humans, no longer needed

Gawdat said, “If technology enables you to experience the same sensations as your partner, why would the presence of another being be essential?”

Gawdat, the former executive added that artificial brain signaling might be used to mimic even the psychological and emotional facets of relationships.

He brushed off discussions over the true sentience of AI bots, saying that if people really believe that these illusions are real, then their reality is subjective and irrelevant.

The Executive on the AI robots debate

The continuous debate about the moral and ethical implications of this constantly shifting environment is fractured.

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Critics who worry that AI will soon replace human connections and knowledge-based sectors have called for halting AI research and development.

They also see AI as having the ability to satisfy human aspirations and dreams.

A notable example is the 23-year-old Snapchat personality Caryn Marjorie, who created a virtual version of herself powered by ChatGTP that can have private discussions.

The remarkable CarynAI AI-powered sexbot has attracted over 1,000 boyfriends who each pay $1 per minute for its services.

It seems the movie Judge Dredd was right after all.

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