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Nikki Haley persists with her White House bid despite losing to “None of these candidates” in Nevada’s Republican primary. Trump also competes. Nevada’s two contests stem from a 2021 law switch from caucus to primary. Haley’s 31% loss is non-binding due to party disavowal.

Once a formidable contender in the race for the White House, Nikky Haley faced a humiliating setback in the Nevada primary but despite the defeat, she vowed to focus on other contests.

Haley’s defeat

The former South Carolina governor suffered a staggering blow, garnering a mere 31% of the votes compared to the overwhelming 63% that opted for “none of these candidates.” This unexpected turn of events came despite Haley facing no direct competition, with former President Donald Trump notably absent from the ballot.

The contentious nature of the Nevada primary stems from a longstanding dispute between the state’s political parties. Legislative changes in 2021 mandated the shift from a caucus to a primary system after voting delays marred the previous election cycle. This transition signifies a departure from the traditional caucus format, requiring in-person attendance, to a more conventional primary setup, facilitating broader voter participation.

However, Haley’s absence from the Nevada campaign trail, coupled with her focus on her home state of South Carolina, raises questions about the viability of her strategy. While her team remains resolute, dismissing the Nevada setback as a game rigged for Trump, insiders suggest privately that the defeat is indeed a cause for concern.

Haley’s public criticism of the Republican Party following her defeat underscores the deepening schism within GOP ranks. Accusing her party of perpetuating chaos, Haley warns against further empowering Trump, whose dominance looms large over the party’s future.

Haley: Shaken but not stirred

Despite the non-binding nature of the Nevada primary, the resounding victory for “none of these candidates” is a symbolic blow to Haley’s aspirations. With all eyes now on South Carolina, Haley’s team remains steadfast, determined to press on despite the recent setback.

Will the dust settle for Nikki Haley who seems to be losing a lot to Trump altogether in her White House dreams!

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