HyunA and DAWN

K-pop idols HyunA and DAWN have reportedly broken up. On Wednesday (November 30), HyunA wrote a message in Korean on Instagram. The post said: “We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly.”

The duo started dating back in 2016 showing how to rekindle a relationship and publicly announced their relationship two years later in 2018. HyunA and DAWN announced in February via social media this year that they got engaged and perhaps had the best relationship.

The former couple uploaded a clip where they were seen wearing matching rings on their ring fingers.

DAWN’s real name is Kim Hyo-jung while HyunA’s real name is Kim Hyun-a. In the aforementioned Instagram post, DAWN wrote “MARRY ME” in which HyunA responded “Of course, it’s a yes”.

Both DAWN and HyunA left their record label Cube Entertainment in 2019 and went on to sign with PSY’s label, P Nation. In September 2021, the former couple released a joint EP together 1+1=1. This August, DAWN and HyunA left P NATION.

Since the split, K-netizens have commented on online communities and social media regarding the breakup. Here are some of the comments:

“Oh no,” “I guess that ring wasn’t an engagement ring,” “I thought they were already married,” “I thought it was a joke,” “Wow, Dawn pressed like on HyunA’s post,” “I thought he proposed,” “I mean, they can break up, people break up all the time,” “I’m so shocked that they broke up,” “They were so lovey-dovey not too long ago,” “What happened?” “They were my favourite celebrity couple…” “This is such a disappointment,” “They were so good together,” and “I don’t think I haven’t seen a celebrity couple that dated long who ended up marrying.”

The K-netizens also revisited DAWN and HyunA’s remarks on marriage and breakup, bringing to light the difference between the two idols’ perspectives.

The former couple appeared on ‘Turkids On The Block’ back in September last year. They made a promise not to delete photos from Instagram and the promise still stands when asked if it is still valid.

DAWN responded, saying “I thought about it but I think I can leave them up. I can just make another account.” He then added, “If I break up with HyunA, I won’t love anymore,” and touched HyunA’s feelings.

During an MBC’s talk show ‘Radio Star’ in July, DAWN revealed that he had been thinking about being married to HyunA. He shared, I think I should get married to HyunA.”

At the time, DAWN explained he had proposed to HyunA and shared, “We both are thinking we should get married to each other. We haven’t decided on the date but we can get married next week if we wanted to.”

However, HyunA seemed to be hesitant about marriage. After being proposed to, she also appeared on ‘Radio Star’ and was asked about marriage.

She explained, “I was proposed to not too long ago.” During the talk show, another guest talked about the difficulties of being married, and HyunA explained, “I don’t want to get married” because there is twice as much work taking care of another person.

And this is good for relationship guidelines.

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