SyndicatedHindustan TimesStrong condemnation of UK over Prince Harry's killing of Afghans

Strong condemnation of UK over Prince Harry’s killing of Afghans

Iran accused Prince Harry of committing a “war crime” after the Duke of Sussex admitted in his memoir that he killed 25 Taliban fighters during his time in Afghanistan.

Iran also slammed the UK saying that the country was in “no position to preach” on human rights as it was itself “turning a blind eye” to Prince Harry’s revelations.

The Iranian foreign ministry criticised UK’s anger over the execution of a British-Iranian national Alireza Akbari accused of spying by Tehran.

“The British regime, whose royal family member, sees the killing of 25 innocent people as removal of chess pieces and has no regrets over the issue, and those who turn a blind eye to this war crime, are in no position to preach others on human rights,” a tweet by Iran’s ministry read.

Another tweet called the outrage “a sign of their evasion and violation of law”, adding, “Britain’s encroachment on the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been met with a decisive response from the Iranian intelligence and judiciary.”

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Prince Harry has also faced severe backlash from UK politicians and army veterans over the claim. In the memoir, Prince Harry wrote that he was neither “satisfied” or “embarrassed” by the death toll.

“They were chess pieces taken off the board, bad guys eliminated before they kill good guys. They trained me to ‘other’ them and they trained me well,” Prince Harry wrote.

Meanwhile, Tory MP Tobias Ellwood said that the admission could create security risks as it was “ill-advised”.

“I do worry that this is going to have security implications,” Tobias Ellwood, adding, “One of the rare occasions that I worked with Prince Harry was in the Invictus Games in Sydney and in Toronto and so forth. Incredible effort.

“This was his design, this was his creation. And I’m now concerned that something which has been so important to veterans to help rehabilitation will now suffer because there could be security implications of him participating in that.”

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