Ivana Trump died in July 2022 leaving behind $34 million in assets and a large portion of the inheritance goes to the children. How the money is being distributed, based on her will is definitely one way of figuring out who stands where in the the Trump family dynamics.

Ivana left behind a Manhattan townhouse, a Miami Beach condo, some property in France and her dog Tiger.

Large Inheritance

She left a good portion of the inheritance to her children, Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric but nothing to her ex-husband Donald Trump. Not that this is something unusual, why would anyone leave property for their ex-husband, it isn’t generally done but Ivanka did leave some thing to her fourth ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi. She left him a piece of property in her will. She also left two properties for her friends.

Forbes reports that her adult children will split the proceeds of the sale of her New York townhouse  which is worth $26.5 million among themselves. Ivana had earlier said that being associated with Trump even after the divorce had ruined her social life, more so when he became president.

“They hate me! They all hate me! Everywhere I go they say things and they shout things at me! Outside my house, in St Tropez, Palm Beach, everywhere! They hate me! It’s not my fault. I am not him! I divorced him a long time ago, I do not deserve this!”, she had said then.

In fact her close friend Marc Bouwer said that it’s something she has never recovered from and it haunted her long after Donald Trump left the White House.

Biggest Beneficiary

Forbes reports that the biggest beneficiary of the inheritance, aside from the Trump children would be Dorothy Curry who worked for the Trumps for years starting as their nanny and teaching them how to pray in English, something that Ivana did not know. She later became Ivana’s assistant and remained a close family friend.

Curry will get the Florida condo that is estimated to be worth more than one million dollars. She also gets Ivana’s Yorkshire terrier, Tiger Trump. Eric Trump referred to Curry as his second mother in Ivana’s book Raising Trump.

Ivana left some property for charity as well as she stated that all her clothes should be given to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Her furs however were to be sold with the proceeds divided among her three children.

According to a Forbes 2019 estimate, Don Jr and Eric are reportedly worth $25 million each while Ivanka is worth $375 million since she has her own fashion brand and has also married into money.

In the same year, the trio also sold their 7.5% stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C that gave them more than $10 million in cash each.

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