Isaac Moore

In a story that began with admiration for a thriving Black-owned luxury fashion brand, Isaac Moore — the designer behind Isaac & Moore — now finds himself entangled in a web of controversy and defrauding Black investors.

Joseph Mitchell, a 33-year-old owner of a Houston-based trucking company, stumbled upon Isaac & Moore’s opulent bags, which seemed to rival the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton in elegance and style. Moore’s online presence, featuring celebrity endorsements from Jamie Foxx and DJ Khaled, added to the brand’s allure.

Impressed by Moore’s potential, Mitchell inquired why the fashion designer wasn’t scaling up his business. Their discussions led to a handshake agreement, where Mitchell invested $40,000 in exchange for a promised 20% ownership stake in Isaac & Moore, along with marketing responsibilities. It was a pact rooted in mutual ambition and trust.

However, Mitchell’s investment didn’t yield the expected results. He awaited both his promised ownership responsibilities and a return on his investment, but weeks turned into months, and frustration mounted.

Isaac Moore defrauding Blacks

But Mitchell’s story is not unique. Moore stands accused of defrauding over a dozen individuals, many of them self-made Black business owners. Seven of these victims shared their harrowing experiences with HuffPost, presenting wire transactions, recorded conversations, text logs, and emails as evidence of their losses. Collectively, they claim to have handed over nearly $275,000 to Moore, receiving nothing in return.

Harris County authorities took action, issuing an arrest warrant for Moore in May on charges of theft and fraud. He subsequently turned himself in and was released on bail. In July, a grand jury indicted him on a felony count of theft. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office continues to investigate the extent of the alleged fraud.

Each victim felt a personal connection to Isaac Moore, believing in his success story and aspiring to support a fellow Black entrepreneur. Mitchell summed it up, “I personally feel like he targets our community specifically because we’re basically underdogs.”

Moore, however, maintains a different perspective, suggesting that the allegations stem from his growing fame and apparent celebrity connections. He views his accusers as disgruntled customers, attributing their troubles to manufacturing and shipping issues rather than fraudulent intent.

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