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Conservatives saying Sam Smith looks like woke school teacher on new TikTok video 

Sam Smith, one of the proponents in the woke agenda is now under fire again after a TikTok video showing the singer wearing a peculiar outfit. Furthermore, not many are quite approving of the singer due to the outfit choices made. Many fans wish the older version of the singer would return once again. 

According to Pinkvilla, British singer-songwriter Sam Smith is stirring controversy with their Gloria tour performance. Criticized for a perceived “vulgar,” “satanic,” and overtly “sexualized” style and aesthetic, Smith’s unconventional fashion choices and tour themes have garnered negative attention online. 

Furthermore, this backlash includes advice and critical comments on their Instagram posts, where Smith references their “gay cabaret” tour. Accusations of promoting vulgarity and devil worship are surfacing among certain users. It seems that the woke agenda is supporting these ideas as well. 

Sam Smith’s new school teacher outfit

Unfortunately for Sam Smith, conservatives are throwing in heavy accusations towards the singer. They claim that the singer is a “groomer” in lieu of how his outfit is in the new TikTok video. However, there is no evidence of him being a groomer and it is unfair to throw such baseless accusations towards others. 

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In addition to this, conservatives are joking that the way to end this madness is to reset the entire world. Many seem to agree with this idea. This is in reference to our technological devices, as when they act up, we simply restart it for it to work better. X users do admit that the world is heading in a stranger direction. 


Following that, a popular opinion regarding Sam Smith is that he is desperately trying to gain attention by making and posting shocking content. However, the world is more or less not showing any shock towards his behavior. It seems users are tired regarding the shock value that pop artists love to flaunt. 

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X users state that he now looks like a public school teacher. This is a far cry from the singer’s previous satanic look. Regardless, it appears that he does not have as many fans as the woke crowd would love to think. 

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