LawIvanka Trump silent on her daddy's indictment

Ivanka Trump silent on her daddy’s indictment

Approximately four full days after Trump announced on Truth Social that he had been indicted by the Department of Justice for crimes related to his handling of classified documents, Ivanka has not posted anything on any of the social media accounts she manages as of Monday afternoon. Why the silence?

Ivanka Trump and the brothers

The two oldest brothers of Ivanka Trump, who typically fanned out in wrath over the supposed injustice of their father, reacted in sharp contrast to her silence.

After the indictment information became public, Donald Trump Jr. posted a video of his namesake and stated: “No matter what BS the establishment pulls to attempt to destroy him, he will NEVER stop fighting to Make America Great Again!”

Additionally, he tweeted: “We’re living in a third-world banana republic and the only way to stop what the corrupt Biden DOJ is doing is to put @realDonaldTrump back in the White House now!”

For his part, Eric Trump retweeted a message from Republican congressman Jim Jordan that said, “Sad day for America. God bless President.”

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The ‘silence’ shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Ivanka Trump has always been the Trump child most concerned with her “brand” and was likely extremely upset when her affiliation with her father—which she reportedly once believed could help make her the first female president—led to her practically being shunned by elite society in her hometown.

The mother

Melania Trump, on the other hand, will “stand by her man” because she is “used to this” and “knows what she signed up for,” a truly sentimental declaration that many hope was included in the couple’s 2005 wedding vows.

Amusingly enough, an insider said that the former first lady is in a ‘wait-and-see’ position. Either her husband will be the president or will be in jail. Or Both. She believes fighting within the family is not appropriate at this time.

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The photo above is from a YouTube screen grab

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