EntertainmentJLo, J Garner swapping husband swapping gifts

JLo, J Garner swapping husband swapping gifts

Who would ever think that Jennifer Lopez or Jlo and Jennifer Garner would become friends? But they did. In fact, they get along so well that they will be swapping Christmas gifts with each other.

And to think that they have also swapped husband, the equally famous Batman star, and muti-awarded movie Argo director, Ben Affleck!

Lopez and Garner have been building on their relationship since JLo married Garner’s ex earlier this year, and it seems the actresses are ready to celebrate the holidays together.

 An insider told the HollywoodLife that “They’ll be exchanging gifts this year for Christmas, they’ve got a great rapport……. There’s a real mutual respect and appreciation because of the kids,” the insider added.

Another source said that the two Jeniffers’ bond is much stronger now. “JLo is so thankful that her friendship with Jen has come leaps and bounds over the past several months,” the source said. They have grown closer to each other since JLo and Ben rekindled their romance, yet JLo and Jen’s friendship has also positively developed by leaps and bounds.

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HollywoodLife reported that “JLo and Jennifer know that they are part of each other’s lives forever now and they also have realized how much they have in common – especially when it comes to parenting…… They text back and forth regarding their kids and are both such hands-on moms that they really have bonded over this. They will see each other over the holidays and there is only love between them.”

In her Vogue cover story, Lopez calls Garner “an amazing co-parent.”

As for the blending of their two families, Lopez says this “needs to be handled with so much care.”

Affleck is Lopez’s fourth husband, and she surprised many fans when she chose to change her last name to Affleck.

“People are still going to call me Jennifer Lopez. But my legal name will be Mrs. Affleck because we’re joined together. We’re husband and wife. I’m proud of that.

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Ever wonder what the two ladies’ gifts to each other would be? And what would be Ben Affleck’s gifts to these two amazingly sexy ladies?




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