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Health and rest is Johnny Depp’s priority as he decided to skip a late-night bash of his film Jeanne du Barry at the Cannes Film Festival. The Hollywood icon who is known to be fond of late-night parties decided to take a breather in his hotel room rather than party the night away.

Media outlet TMZ reported that the 59-year-old chose to retire in his room early so that he can get enough rest and prepare for another day of media interviews. According to the source, Depp experienced an evolution in terms of prioritising his health and rest while he makes a comeback.

Johnny Depp Cannes

Photo: Instagram/Johnny Depp

Making a comeback

As per TMZ, the Alice in Wonderland actor will be attending Monday’s (May 22) tribute concert in London for his old friend Jeff Beck who passed away aged 78 from a bacterial meningitis infection in January.

Depp will then go on tour with his Hollywood Vampires band, followed by directing duties on Modi starring Al Pacino, 83.

A photo of Depp’s empty seat at the Carlton Cannes bash for his period drama Jeanne du Barry was printed by The Sunday Mirror. The outlet said that the star missed a feast white lobster salad, flame-seared sea bass and St Honoré pastry dessert at the party.

Keeping a low profile

A source told the outlet that Depp was expected to be at the dinner and that it is very rare for the star of the film to not show.

Johnny Depp Guests

Guests during the A-list dinner were Brie Larson, Uma Thurman, Helen Mirren, and Naomi Campbell.

In Jeanne du Barry Depp plays Louis XV, his first major role since his 2022 defamation victory against his ex-wife and Aquaman actress Amber Heard, who is now living in Spain.

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