EntertainmentCelebrityAllegations against Kevin Spacey of sexual molestation continue, new accuser surfaces

Allegations against Kevin Spacey of sexual molestation continue, new accuser surfaces

Kevin Spacey, 63, is accused once more of making vulgar and racially abusive remarks before grabbing a man’s genitalia with force. This most recent accuser claimed that he suppressed the humiliating event for more than ten years out of concern that no one would believe him against the testimony of an Oscar-winning “golden boy.”

In a video interview shown before jurors in Spacey’s sexual assault trial in a London court on Wednesday, the man stated, “I was a keeper of his secret for a long time,” when he eventually freed himself by disclosing his story to a policeman.

The new accuser

The most recent accuser wants justice for a wrong done to him that has long bothered him, however, he does not want to see Spacey killed or sent to jail.

He did it, and I felt weirdly embarrassed by it, the man claimed. At the time, “He made me feel like I was nothing.”

When Spacey reportedly assaulted him, the man recalled “freezing and pushing his arm away” and described it as a “bizarre and horrible experience” to a police officer.

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Along with describing a “barrage” of remarks made during the event, he reportedly said to the officer, “Maybe he enjoyed me being uncomfortable.”

Kevin Spacey pleads “not guilty”

Spacey, 63, has entered a not-guilty plea to a dozen accusations that, if proven true, could result in his imprisonment. His attorney asserted that Spacey vigorously refutes all claims of extramarital affairs and that the accusers are after financial compensation from the Hollywood star.

The American actor is accused of sexually assaulting four men between 2001 and 2013 while he was employed by the Old Vic Theatre. Seven counts of sexual assault, three counts of indecent assault, and encouraging penetrative sexual conduct without consent are among the charges.

The trial will continue on Thursday in Southwark Crown Court in front of a jury made up of nine men and three women.

Spacey, who owns houses in both the United States and London, is out on bail.

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