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Khloe Kardashian a ‘nightmarish’ boss sued by Matthew Manhard

KHLOE Kardashian is currently in a legal battle with a former employee, Matthew Manhard, as he accused her of being a “nightmare employer.”

The lawsuit claims that the Kardashian fired him after he returned to work in November following a knee injury from May that prevented him from working.

Khloe’s legal representative said: “It’s unfortunate to learn that a former employee would choose to go this route. Matthew was properly classified and compensated for his role.”

Manhard VS Kardashian

“Toward the end of his employment, he was on a leave of absence for an extended period of time and the role eventually needed to be replaced. We will not tolerate false accusations and will prove that this is a frivolous lawsuit,” the legal representative added.

Manhard said he worked for her from January 2019 until November 2022, and he claims she was an awful boss.

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He accused the KUWTK star of keeping him so busy with tasks that he was unable to take his legally required breaks.

The former employee also claims that Khloe didn’t pay him overtime even though he worked 12-hour days.

Manhard would like financial compensation, and he’s claiming Khloe broke California labor laws.

Fans in an online Kardashian forum were not thrilled with the detail of the lawsuit if the allegations are true.

One said: “Very ignorant for women who pride themselves on being the best businesswomen and involved in all aspects etc.”

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Another commented: “How does this situation always happen?? I believe this same situation happened with Kim. In her case, multiple employees. It’s unbelievable,”  referring to a lawsuit that was filed against Kim.

A third chimed in: “How are you rich and don’t f**king pay the people? Wtf.”

Someone said: “I’m sure she will blame someone else and was ‘unaware’ and that person will take the fall and be fired.”

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