LifestyleKing Charles rejects Andrew’s £32,000 bill for Indian healing guru

King Charles rejects Andrew’s £32,000 bill for Indian healing guru

King Charles says he is not going to pay his brother’s bill for an Indian guru. According to the Sun newspaper Prince Andrew submitted the claim to the Privy Purse expecting it to be signed off but Charles told Andrew he had to pay it out of his pocket.

Apparently Andrew has been using this Indian guru’s services for years and the Queen has been quite happy to foot the bill for her son in the past. The male yogi is said to be using methods like chanting, massages and holistic therapy for Andrew and often stays for months at the £30 million Royal Lodge in Windsor.

An Expensive Guru 

The Duchy of Lancaster’s annual £24 million income is now in Charles hands.

“While the Queen was always happy to indulge her son over the years, Charles is far less inclined to fund such indulgences particularly in an era of cost-of-living crisis. Families are struggling and would rightly baulk at the idea of tens of thousands paid to an Indian guru to provide holistic treatment to a non-working royal living in his grace and favour mansion.

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“This time the King saw the bill for the healer submitted by Andrew to the Privy Purse and thought his brother was having a laugh. In the past these types of expenses would be signed off no questions but that is not the climate in the new era,” said one source.

Andrew is currently in everyone’s black books as he struggles to regain his reputation after his legal payout to Virginia Giuffre who accused him of having underage sex with her.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen stripped Andy’s patronages and royal roles last year. This was followed by King Charles kicking him out of his office and bedroom in Buckingham Palace.

King Charles will also cut his £249,000 grant next month. Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson also face eviction from the Royal Lodge.

They have been given the keys to Frogmore Cottage instead. Norman Baker who is an ex member of parliament said that the £32,000 bill could have cost taxpayers money if it was deductible as an expense.“This is an outrageous use of effectively and indirectly taxpayers money,” he said.

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Buckingham Palace has remained silent on the matter.

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Note: Photo of King Charles and Prince Andrew is from a YouTube screenshot: YouTube

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