NewsJOHN KIRBY: Increased sightings of UFOs, a legitimate issue for US government

JOHN KIRBY: Increased sightings of UFOs, a legitimate issue for US government

John Kirby, the spokesperson, and coordinator for the National Security Council said that UFOs and UAPs are starting to present issues for the United States.

Blake Burman of NewsNation questioned Kirby during the Monday White House press briefing if the rise in UFO sightings is a “legitimate issue” for the administration.

“Yeah, I mean, we wouldn’t have stood up an organization at the Pentagon to analyze and try to collect and coordinate the way these sightings are reported if we didn’t take it seriously,” Kirby said referencing the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) — a group aimed at analyzing and cataloguing unidentified phenomena.

Kirby and the UFOs

“Of course, we do,” he added.

“I mean, some of these phenomena we know have already had an impact on our training ranges for, you know, when pilots are out trying to do training in the air and they see these things, they’re not sure what they are and it can have an impact on their ability to perfect their skills. So, it already had an impact here,”

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Kirby said, noting the goal is to have a better understanding of “what they are.”

Kirby clarified his statement by saying that the agency is not stating what they are or are not; rather, it is saying that there’s something the pilots have observed and that it has affected some of their training operations, and because of that the agency wants to find out what it is, the agency is looking into it and that it intends to better understand its nature.

The query was raised at the briefing on Monday as the U.S. bipartisan bill supported by the Majority is being prepared for consideration by the Senate.

New York senator and leader Chuck Schumer will require the release of previously secret government UFO papers.

The House Oversight Committee will also hold a hearing on UFOs the following week, following allegations made by a whistleblower that the U.S. military has non-human aircraft parts. However, these allegations remain unconfirmed as the Pentagon has not seen any evidence yet to substantiate these claims.

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