LifestyleLittle Godzilla inside Florida man’s toilet

Little Godzilla inside Florida man’s toilet

Little Godzilla in a toilet? Is this a common scene in Florida now?

How would you feel if you found something that appears to come from Jurassic Park inside your comfort room? You would certainly be terrified just like how 58-year-old John Riddle from Florida felt when he saw an outsized scary-looking lizard inside his toilet.

“I look down, and I see this frightened-looking reptile looking back at me,” Riddle told the Orlando Sentinel.

Riddle made an unsuccessful attempt to use a pool net to remove the hidden lavatorial lizard. Afterward, he gathered the courage to try grabbing it with his bare hands.

The iguana swam into the toilet and disappeared from sight, going into the pipe. Riddle couldn’t see any part of the iguana at that point.

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Eventually, the reptile emerged from the toilet and found refuge behind it. Riddle was able to coax it out of the house from there.

While Riddle mentioned being accustomed to iguanas, he admitted that having them in his toilet bowl was an unfamiliar experience.

Little Godzilla?

In Florida, the presence of iguanas in toilets may seem like an urban legend akin to alligators inhabiting New York City’s sewer system. However, it has become an actual and concerning issue.

Interestingly, Riddle’s residence in Hollywood appears to be a frequent site for these unsettling encounters. Just last year, Michelle Reynolds shared with the media her experience of discovering a Mexican spiny-tail iguana in her toilet.

This particular species can reach a length of 18 inches, not including the 18-inch tail, and in Reynolds’ case, it occupied a significant portion of the toilet bowl.

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According to a 2021 report by The Guardian, iguanas once considered fascinating exotic creatures, have now become widely regarded as a nuisance due to their invasive nature.

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