Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s father, recently disclosed that he underwent the removal of an “aggressive” skin cancer lesion from his hand. In an interview with TMZ, Michael Lohan shared that he has been grappling with squamous cell carcinoma for approximately four years and had a suspicious lesion on his hand, prompting a biopsy.

By Tuesday night, doctors advised urgent removal due to the lesion’s deep roots. Fortunately, they successfully eliminated the entire spot. Given the cancer’s aggressive nature, the 63-year-old, a father of four, requires close monitoring, anticipating a potential recurrence.

Photo: Instagram/Lindsay Lohan

Taking to Instagram, Michael Lohan posted a photo of the surgery site on Wednesday, advocating for embracing life’s scars as symbols of healing and endurance. Lindsay Lohan, Michael’s daughter, was reportedly unaware of the surgery to spare her worry and work-related impact, with only Michael Jr., his eldest son, being informed.

Lohan experience with skin cancer

In 2011, Michael Lohan previously underwent a procedure for growth removal from his colon amid concerns about colon cancer. He also shared a past scare with skin cancer in 2010, expressing gratitude that the issue was resolved after removal, highlighting his body’s resilience.

Despite reaching out to Lindsay Lohan for comment, Page Six did not receive an immediate response. The family’s history with health scares underscores Michael Lohan’s ongoing battles and his determination to navigate them privately.

Making a striking appearance

In other news, Lindsay Lohan made a striking appearance at the world premiere of the Mean Girls sequel at New York City’s AMC Lincoln Square Theater recently. Reprising her role as Cady Heron from the original 2004 film penned by Tina Fey, the 37-year-old actress donned an elegant black dress for the occasion.

Lindsay Lohan’s red carpet attire featured long sleeves and stylish cut-outs on each side, accentuating her slender waist. A bedazzled waistline belt further enhanced her narrow midsection. The iconic figure of the 2000s complemented her ensemble with dazzling earrings and carried a chic black clutch purse.

The 2024 revival film serves as an adaptation of the 2017 Broadway musical inspired by the original 2004 Mean Girls movie. Lindsay Lohan’s presence at the premiere added a touch of nostalgia, celebrating the beloved character she portrayed in the iconic teen comedy.

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