Martha Stewart

Home and hospitality guru Martha Stewart spoke about her morning routine recently at a MasterClass event promoting her new programme “Think like a boss, live like a legend.”

Stewart who is 82 spoke about being an early bird and how she tries to get as much done as possible in the morning. 

“I wake up really, really early. There are no curtains in my house,” she said in an interview.

She said people start coming to her house as early as 7am. “I don’t sleep past that time ever because it would be embarrassing to be lolling around while my housekeepers were cleaning, you know? How horrible.” 

Her healthy morning routine includes drinking green juice made from ingredients on her farm such a celery, cucumber and ginger. 

Martha Stewart and MasterClass

She told Business Insider, “If you had my green juice every day, you would just feel great all the time.” 

Stewart also does Pilates and used that form of exercise to get her looking good for her Sports Illustrated shoot. 

Her programme on MasterClass which is available online aims to to take a deeper look at what a day in the life of a 156-acre farm is all about. Her objective she says is to show people “how much good work and enjoyable work can be accomplished in one 24-hour period. 

Stewart also has some great advice for getting rid of dinner guests who refuse to leave after a party. She told Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show on December 8 that she would just say, “I’m going to bed. See you. I do, I just say that,” 

Barrymore then asked her what to do if they still refuse to leave to which Stewart replied.

“Well, just turn the lights off. Set off the fire alarm. One night, I had the fire department show up. Nobody would leave. We just put the fire alarm on.” 

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