Halloween is just around the corner, and many people have already geared up to celebrate the day. While some have finalised their costumes, others have decked their homes with extravagant spooky decorations.

And one such spooky decoration that has caught the attention of many internet users comes from Instagram user Kiel James Patrick where you can see a giant pumpkin outside his house.

Kiel James Patrick shared a reel on the social media site and informed his followers that his father has always been proud of having the largest Halloween inflatable in the neighbourhood for almost a decade.

But this year, many other people around his house had stepped and had even bigger inflatables.

Upon seeing that, his dad lost his Halloween spirit. So, to cheer him up, Kiel James Patrick’s entire house came together and ordered a giant inflatable.

In the video, you can see that a massive pumpkin inflatable has been kept outside their house.

Since this video was shared, it has been viewed more than six lakh times. It also has 63,000 likes and several comments. One person in the Instagram comments wrote, “Awww, love it! How could that amazing pumpkin not revive anyone’s Halloween spirit?” Another person said, “Laughed right out loud.

“That’s hilarious – so glad his Halloween spirit is back.” A third person added, “Bringing back someone’s spirit is nothing short of sainthood. Good job.” “That’s great! Love that the family came together to help make your Dad number 1!” said a fourth.

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