EntertainmentCelebrityMichelle Dee, Miss Universe Philippines, comes out

Michelle Dee, Miss Universe Philippines, comes out

The newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee says she is bisexual. The 28-year-old who will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador said that she has been that way “for as long as I can remember”.

“I have so much more to offer the world and the universe than how I identify myself.”

Recently Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico 2022 also announced that they would be getting married.

Dee and Autism

Dee is a proponent of autism awareness and said that she was more about the cause than anything else.

“I felt like coming out during the competition would shock everyone, and cloud everyone’s judgement. I also wanted to do that within my own timeline, and it wasn’t the right time. Because I want all of my focus and everyone’s focus to be on all the good causes.”

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She says that she knows that her teenage photos where she was quite the tomboy were meant to bring her down.

Dee continued: “I acknowledge that it was so malicious that I felt — and this applies to everyone — when somebody takes away your story, then you should take control of that narrative. Turn it around and make it an empowering story.

“So that’s what I’m doing. I feel that it’s so important when somebody tries to knock you down and use your past against you. We all have to realised that we’ve come such a long way to just let our past define us. Again how old was I? That was 2014, and it’s 2023.”

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