Michelle Obama

Here are some confessions from ex-First Lady Michelle Obama that are rather shocking. Being in a position that most of us can only envy and not just being a pretty face but a highly educated one at that, the statuesque woman apparently hates the way she looks.

This is what she says in her new book. She “hates” how she looks “all the time and no matter what”.

Obama’s second memoir is titled The Light We Carry. She wrote Becoming in 2018. The new book is dubbed as a “toolkit to live boldly”.

In the memoir, she talks about how to overcome one’s “fearful mind” which she says is similar to that of a “life partner you didn’t choose.”

“I’ve lived with my fearful mind for 58 years now. She makes me uneasy. She likes to see me weak.”

Michelle Obama said that there are mornings when she wakes up turns on the bathroom light, takes one look at herself in the mirror and desperately wants to flip it off again.

She also confessed to being insecure about her height. At 5 feet 11 inches she said that “always bringing up the rear” at school gave her a wound and a measure of self-loathing that kept her from embracing her strengths.

She also said that she experienced “low-grade” depression during the pandemic. “I kept with the work I’d been doing speaking at virtual voter registration drives, supporting good causes, acknowledging people’s pain – but privately I was finding it harder to access my own hope or feel like I could make an actual difference.

“I felt a blanket of despondency settling over me, my mind sliding toward a dull place. I wasn’t able to muster optimism or think reasonably about the future. Worse, I felt myself skirting the edges of cynicism – tempted to conclude that I was helpless, to give in to some notion that when it came to the epic problems and massive worries of the day, nothing could be done.”

She also speaks about Donald Trump becoming president and what a rebuke it felt like to her husband.

“It did hurt, it still hurts. It shook me profoundly to hear the man who’d replaced my husband as president openly and unapologetically using ethnic slurs, making selfishness and hate somehow acceptable, refusing to condemn white supremacists or to support people demonstrating for racial justice.

“It felt like something more, something much uglier, than a simple political defeat.

Becoming has been translated into 50 languages and more than 17 million copies have been sold worldwide. The Light We Carry is expected to be equally well received.

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