Actress Kate Micucci, recognised for her role in “Big Bang Theory,” revealed her recent surgery for lung cancer via a TikTok video despite being a non-smoker. Expressing surprise at the diagnosis, she emphasized the early detection and successful removal of the cancer, assuring her followers that it’s “all good.”

While smoking is a primary cause of lung cancer, non-smokers are not immune. Statistics from the American Cancer Society show nearly 20% of lung cancer-related deaths in the U.S. occur in non-smokers. Factors like secondhand smoke, pollution, radon, asbestos exposure, and genetic mutations contribute to this risk.

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Marijuana linked to increased lung cancer risk

Though marijuana use is linked to increased lung cancer risk, its long-term effects need more study, according to Mayo Clinic.

Around 20,000 to 40,000 lung cancer cases annually in non-smokers are attributed to various causes like secondhand smoke and radon gas. Despite this, lung cancer screenings aren’t recommended for non-smokers by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

Symptoms of lung cancer, regardless of smoking history, include feeling unwell, coughing blood, chest pain, shortness of breath, and wheezing, per CDC guidelines. Treatment options encompass chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy, and surgical removal of cancerous tissue.

Optimistic for her recovery

Micucci, also an artist and singer, expressed eagerness to resume painting post-surgery in her video, conveying optimism for her recovery.

Micucci gained prominence in “The Big Bang Theory,” portraying a character who briefly dated Raj in seasons 6 and 7. Despite being underrated, she cherished her time on set, especially appreciating co-star Simon Helberg.

Interestingly, Micucci originally auditioned for Amy Farrah Fowler’s role, sharing her admiration for the series by rewatching scenes, likening it to her love for “I Love Lucy,” where she rewinds to savor particular moments. She said that she’d definitely watched a lot of it. “I’ll rewind parts just to see a reaction over and over again.” Her connection to the show mirrors her affection for “I Love Lucy.”

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