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Miley Cyrus fans are worried that she joined a cult

Miley Cyrus’ fans have been worried about her recent absence from the public eye, with some speculating that she may have joined a cult. Despite releasing her latest studio album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” in March 2023, she seems to have withdrawn from the spotlight.

Photo: Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Speculations about Cyrus being involved in a cult were addressed by a woman named Michelle in a TikTok post. According to Michelle, there’s an organization called the Modern Mystery School, which supposedly trains healing practitioners following the lineage of King Solomon.

Cyrus in a “mysterious” cult

Allegedly, these healers partake in sacrifices and sign contracts not to disclose the details. Two girls named Lily and Blue, who were reportedly healers at the cult, allegedly introduced Cyrus to this organization in February 2023, which might be the reason for her absence from public appearances and promotions.

Some fans suspect that Cyrus’s Instagram account is being run by someone else, as her earlier posts about her album seemed more personal, while later ones appeared more artificial. Even Cyrus’ sister, Brandi, mentioned that fans are frustrated by her lack of presence on social media and in public performances.

Taking a breakĀ 

Cyrus herself posted a message on May 24, 2024, explaining that she’s taking a step back from touring and performing, not due to a lack of appreciation for her fans, but because she doesn’t want the lifestyle that comes with it.

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A photo of Cyrus with two girls named Blue and Lily in a room with the phrase “Know Thyself” led to speculation about her potential association with the Modern Mystery School. This phrase is connected to Dave Lanyon, an alleged “Master Metaphysician and Lineage Holder in The Modern Mystery School,” as reported in VICE in 2021.

Could it be a cult?

The Modern Mystery School, founded by Gudni Gudnason, claims to offer transformative experiences, but critics and former students describe it as a cult and a spiritual pyramid scheme with high financial costs and psychological consequences.

The Cult Education Institute lists warning signs of cults, including promoting unreasonable fear about the outside world and reports of abuse and grievances by former members.

While it’s plausible that Cyrus is simply taking a break from her music career, some fans are concerned that she might be vulnerable within a potentially exploitative organization.

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