Mondo Duplantis does not mess around when it comes to winning competitions and setting world records, so when he says he’s excited to go to Glasgow and defend his title, best believe he’ll do his mighty best to make that happen.

Speaking to the media following his recognition as the World Athlete of the Year in Monaco, Duplantis recounts the time when, during the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, he broke the world record for the second time. 

Duplantis: Glasgow world record moment

He claimed that the occasion held great significance for him, as he had to demonstrate that his first-ever world record-breaking moment in Torun, where he jumped over a height of 6.17 meters, was not an accident. 

He also contrasted his mental states at those two points in time. His first world record in Torun came as something of a shock, and he felt that the event was unreal. In Glasgow, the subsequent revolutionary moment was more along the lines of  “This is who I am.” This is what’s to come. I’m at that level.”

In Glasgow, Duplantis got to improve his world record and reached the stupendous height of 6.18 meters.

I’m excited about it

When talking about the differences between performing outdoors and indoors, the pole vault king conceded that the absence of unpredictability in the wind/weather made the indoor environment more conducive to reaching higher altitudes. He noted that indoors allowed him to approach pole vaulting in general, meaning that he could grip ‘as high as he wanted to’ without worrying about external conditions that might affect it.

He also revealed that he is looking forward to competing in Glasgow again, as he hasn’t been there since he broke his own world record for pole vaulting. “I know that it’s a really good place to jump, and I know that it’s a place that I can jump high. So I’m excited about it,” Duplantis added.

Journey after Glasgow

After his victory in Glasgow, Duplantis didn’t stop at improving his world record and did it five more times, the final being at the Prefontaine Classic, where he hurdled past a monstrous height of 6.23 meters. 

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