Business & EconomyJose Negron proposes marriage to girlfriend for all of Times Square to...

Jose Negron proposes marriage to girlfriend for all of Times Square to see

Jose Negron of Waterbury, Conn. wanted a unique marriage proposal that his girlfriend will never forget. He rented a space on a billboard in the advertisement capital of America.

As the couple walked through the busy street, a photo of Cartigila, Negron, and their son appeared on a 55-foot-wide, 31-foot-tall billboard with the caption “Will You Marry Me?”

Before Cartigila realized what was happening, Negron was on one knee, and the couple was surrounded by strangers who realized that they are witnesses to a significant moment of two lovers.

Cartigila excitedly said “yes,” before Negron got up and embraced her with a hug in celebration as many cheered around them.

Negron Proposes To Cartigila

“I’m shocked! Very surprised. I looked up and I saw the ‘Will you marry me?’” Cartigila said to PIX11 News.

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For most people, renting out a billboard in one of the busy advertisement hubs of the world may seem impractical considering the amount that needs to be shelled out. Negron though booked the photo to appear through for only $150.

“No company has ever dared to enter the people’s personal realms when it comes to Times Square’s billboards,” a press release read for

Those wanting to rent out space for proposals, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or self-promotion can do so upon approval.

The billboard is above the Pelé Soccer store at 1560 Broadway between 46th and 47th streets and the image would appear once an hour for 15 seconds for 24 hours in Times Square.


The owner of the billboard, Jaime Suarez — a Miami-based lawyer who came up with the idea during the Covid-19 pandemic — rents the space out for special occasions but also for local businesses.

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Suarez wanted to give the public accessible advertising opportunity after witnessing “the failure of numerous small local businesses due to the pandemic.”

“If you thought big brands with gigantic advertising budgets were the only ones that could afford the theater district’s spotlight, think again!” the press materials say.

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NOTE: Photo above is from Pexels

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