UncategorizedNetflix to ban password sharing in 2023

Netflix to ban password sharing in 2023

Netflix has decided that there will be no more password sharing from next year. The streaming service will prevent password sharing by charging more to the main account holder.

The additional fee has not been revealed yet but it’s similar to the pilot programmes. Account holders should expect to pay $3 per month to include up to two people who live outside their household.

Right now, Netflix is testing an increased price for accounts with profiles in multiple households. It launched the test in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Account holders can select from an ‘add an extra member’ feature and add up to two friends they don’t live with. It will cost an extra $2.99 a month.

Currently, Netflix is one of the most expensive streaming platforms which is probably why people are constantly trying to share passwords.

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The service will also launch a profile transfer feature that allows a profile transfer to either a whole new account or an “extra member” account. The profile transfer very simply means each profile on an account can easily become its own account.

“We’re launching Profile Transfer, a feature that lets people using your account transfer a profile-keeping the personalised recommendations, viewing history. My List, saved games, and other settings-when they start their own membership.”

“To transfer a profile, go to the ‘Transfer Profile’ option when you hover over your profile icon in the drop down menu on the homepage-then simple follow the instruction,” said Netflix in a statement.

Netflix announced the move during its latest quarterly earnings call on October 18 saying the new rule would be effective in early 2023.

Netflix director of product innovation Chengyi Long had earlier said that the company’s widespread account sharing between households had “undermined their ability to invest in and improve their service”.

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According to digital trends, Netflix currently has 223 million subscribers globally with a net addition of 2.4 million users during the July to September quarter.

It lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter and almost one million in the second. It has however forecasted 4.5 million new subscribers for the current quarter.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, “Thank God we’re done with shrinking quarters.”

Netflix is also announced an ad-supported tier costing $7 per month, $3 cheaper than its ad-free Basic tier. Basic with Ads, starts on Nov 3.

Its rival, Disney+ is also introducing an-ad supported tier on December 8 which costs $8 a month.

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