Business & EconomyBe ready, your next job interview may just be with AI

Be ready, your next job interview may just be with AI

It may be possible that there will be no need to be nervous about job interviews and meeting the interviewers anymore as AI may be what you’re faced with next instead.

As recruiters increasingly use technology to conduct job interviews, candidates are often faced with new challenges, one of them being, how do I impress a bot?

Flex jobs career expert Keith Spencer said in an interview with CBS Money Watch,  “Employers understand that using AI can save them time, so we expect to see more of them using it in some way in the pre-screening interview process. From the candidate’s perspective, it can be intimidating. You’re not interacting with a human – you’re interacting with AI, which can feel kind of strange.

Job Interviews with AI?

According to Resume Builder by 2024, four in 10 companies will use AI for job interviews. Of that number 15% of employers say they will rely on AI to make hiring decisions without any human input.

Associate professor at the University of Sussex Business School, Zahira Jaser said, “For years Human Resources departments have been using AI to automatically screen for resumes and applications. Now that virtual interviews have taken center stage, it’s being used as a first screening, especially in non-complex jobs where you have clear parameters.”

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Generally, in an AI interview, a job candidate is presented with questions on screen in text form that they answer and submit via text or video. The submission is then evaluated separately.

When it comes to interviews that are completely automated however is almost like you are talking to yourself on video. In this situation you will be judged on verbal data, words you use, vocal data and manner of speech and delivery.

Positive Cues

Experts offer several tips on how to ace and interview via AI;

  1. Pretend you’re talking to a human being
  2. Go through the job description for key words and make sure you use them. Work them into your answers
  3. Practice makes perfect. Video conference with a friend or simulate an interview by addressing a blank screen. Record your answers and listen back to evaluate yourself.

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