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In a stunning development, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin declared on Wednesday that the original projection of 300,000 people had been revised out of the expected attendance for this year’s Olympic opening ceremony.

On July 26, a six-kilometre parade along the magnificent Seine River will take place as part of the great show. Though security is still a top priority, with France on a high alert for terrorism, the festive mood is tempered with a note of worry. A captivating event where the glamour of the Olympics meets the alertness of a nation on guard is about to take place.

Darmanian said; “The idea is that there will be 100,000 people on the lower quays (with paying tickets) and more than 220,000 people on the upper quays (with free tickets),” an article from Theprint mentioned.

Big opening ceremony

Minister Darmanin predicted in May 2023 that the upcoming Paris 2024 opening ceremony would draw an astounding 600,000 spectators. The organizers stress that this estimate is still provisional, so it’s important to keep in mind that even while it’s spectacular, it’s not in stone.

There is no denying the intense enthusiasm and excitement that are building up to what seems to be a truly remarkable spectacle, and this major occasion is sure to be met with tremendous expectations. As organizers work to guarantee that both competitors and spectators have an incredible experience, the road leading up to the Paris 2024 Games is filled with excitement.

“As the French government has indicated, the final decision on the size of the stadium will be taken at the end of the consultation process in spring 2024,” and further added “Paris 2024 has been working for many months in close collaboration with the public authorities to calibrate the capacity, for which we are taking many parameters into account. Consultations are still underway, under the authority of the chief of Police.”

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