Wednesday, June 29, 2022
LifestyleOn TikTok, a woman campaigns on behalf of small boobs!

On TikTok, a woman campaigns on behalf of small boobs!

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A woman has been working extremely hard to gain attention on TikTok and to make her little boobs campaign viral. This is to assist her in raising funds for petite boobs!

That is to say, she will get an enhancement to make hers bigger.

Hailey Marie came to TikTok to lament her little breasts and say she was still wearing the same bra size she was when she was eight years old.

@_haileyjay Just going to keep posting until it goes viral in support of small boobs #fyp #plasticsurgery ♬ original sound – Hailey Marie

And, to everyone’s amazement, her mission to generate money for a breast operation is succeeding.

“Just going to keep uploading until it goes viral in support of petite boobs,” Hailey Marie (@ haileyjay) captioned a popular clip she posted to the platform.

“If you’re seeing this and your bra size hasn’t changed since the very first bra you bought when you were eight years old, this one’s for you,” she explained to her 1.7 million viewers.

“The bigger, more muscular, older I get, the smaller they’re getting,” Hailey added. “I’m seriously not kidding. It’s f***ing ridiculous.”

“Clearly, not all of us have been graced with big juicy jugs, but we have been graced with f***ing brains, and if we put them together, do you understand how many boob jobs we could all give to one another?

“All I’m asking is for 10,000 people to send me $1 so we can get this b*tch rolling,” she said, adding that if her scheme goes to plan, she will send another girl to “get her boob job” the following month.

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So far she managed to raise a total of $4,666 on PayPal and Venmo. This was at the time she posted the viral video.

And she made it into the New York Post with a headline saying, “Woman who wore same bra size since 8 years old crowdfunds boob job.”

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