SyndicatedHindustan TimesParent shares hilarious struggles of getting passport photo with his baby. Watch

Parent shares hilarious struggles of getting passport photo with his baby. Watch

India, Oct. 11 — We all know the challenges behind getting a passport photo. There are many rules that one must comply with for the picture; the background must be white, the particular dimensions of the picture, and so on.

While for adults, it is easy to manage, have you ever thought about how do parents manage to take passport photos of their babies? Probably not, and it’s comical! In a recent video uploaded by Instagram page @babylolaadeleke, you can see the struggles of a parent trying to hold their baby still for a photograph.

In the short clip, the father is holding the child against a white backdrop as a photographer tries to get a picture. The baby is constantly laughing, moving, and giggling, causing a laugh riot between her father and the parent.

This video was uploaded just a few days ago, and since then, many people have reacted to it. The video till now has been viewed 1.7 million times. It also has more than one lakh likes and several comments.

Many Instagram users thought this video was hilarious, and some even shared their similar experiences. One person wrote. “This had me laughing hard because I have to take my three-month-old as well.”

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Another person added, “Omg, I love her and don’t know her. Her mood and personality are everything.” Someone even said, “I Went through this a few months back. Then the camera guy asked if the baby could close his mouth. It took us 40 mins to get one perfect shot.”

“So adorable! We laid my 4-month-old down on a whiteboard and took the picture hovering over him! Came out perfect, lol,” added a fourth.

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