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PETALING JAYA, Sept. 7 — A couple in Karnataka, India covered their dead son in salt in hopes of bringing him back from the dead.

The parents, and residents of Siravar village, made the attempt after reading social media posts claiming that salt could resurrect the dead, The Times of India reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, 10-year-old Suresh Siravar had recently drowned in a pond.

Acting on social media “advice”, his parents then decided to keep his body under a pile of salt for four hours to revive him.

“We have seen a post on social media that stated that we can bring a person back to life if their body is placed under salt within two hours of death,” village residents Tippeswamy and Ganesh told The Times of India.

“Following this, we placed more than 100 kilogrammes of salt on Suresh’s body, which we kept (the body) in this manner for more than four hours.

“Only his face was left uncovered.”

After failing to bring Suresh back to life, the villagers then cremated the body.

This social media hoax is not new in India, with desperate family members attempting the experiment to bring their loved ones back to life.

A 2019 report by India Today found multiple Facebook accounts sharing videos and photos claiming that drowned persons can be revived by covering them in salt. Hence the attempt to revive the dead son.

The posts, usually made in Hindi, claimed that the salt “will slowly drain the water out of the body” but after four hours, the dead son did not regain consciousness.

In 2018, a father in Shahdol was convinced by a WhatsApp message to cover his dead child in salt before the body could be taken for an autopsy, Punjabi Kesari reported.

Zee News India last year reported that villagers in Bhopal laid three drowned children on beds of salt in order to resuscitate them.

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