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Actor Park Hae-soo hoping his character will be revived in ‘Squid Game’ season 2

Manila, Sept. 24 — With the global popularity of the Korean series “Squid Game,” one of its main actors. Park Hae-soo, is wishing that his character will be revived in season 2.

The pressure is on for director Hwang Dong-hyuk to make “Squid Game” season 2 to reach or even surpass the popularity of season 2, which became Netflix’s biggest show with 1.65 billion hours viewed in the first 28 days on the video streaming platform.

Korean actor Park Hae-soo wants to be part of “Squid Game” season 2 and he is hoping that the director will find a way to bring back his character Cho Sang-woo, the childhood friend of Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae).

“Director Hwang recently said that he regrets killing such beloved characters in ‘Squid Game.’ I think he had zero idea that he would be making the second season for the series when he made the first one,” Park Hae-soo told Korean media recently, SBS News reported.

According to him, “We actually asked him, ‘What would it have been like if we were all alive? And what happens to our characters now?’ He couldn’t really give answers to our questions. He just told us that he felt very sad that he killed our characters.”

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“Our series probably wouldn’t have come this far if our characters were still alive though. I feel like we’ve left the series well. I also believe director Hwang will do a great job at creating new characters,” he said.

His character died in season 1 but he wants to be a part of “Squid Game” season 2.

“I don’t know how the story is being written at the moment, but I do hope that director Hwang will include me in the next season as one of the characters. I’m kind of looking forward to it, although he hasn’t said anything about it,” he said.

He said they proposed ideas to Hwang Dong-hyuk including some of the characters being twins.

“We’ve thrown in lots of ideas to him, actually. The ideas were that some characters were twins, the games taking place in space, the appearance of artificial intelligence and so on. Anyway though, we’ll all have to just wait until director Hwang finishes writing the story,” he said.

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